Quality Pure Iboga Powder



Quality Pure Iboga Powder

Quality Pure Iboga Powder

Iboga takes us into the deepest parts of ourselves, to observe the source of our traumas, conditioned belief patterns, social constructs, fears, attachments, assumptions, religious dogmas, and other factors — with the intention of healing them and reawakening to the simplicity of life.

What Iboga is not is a magic pill. For the medicine to do its work, it requires the involvement and commitment of the individual. Iboga can show us many things, but it is always our choice to do the work — to take what it gives us and apply it to our lives.

The energy of Iboga is not so much about exploring the cosmos outside as it is about tuning toward the cosmos inside. It’s about going within, and working through the things that relate directly to our life. We can heal the traumas of our past (depression) and release worries around potential futures (anxiety) in order to come to the present moment and live our lives fully, in the now.

Iboga’s work is specifically tailored to heal our own unique life circumstances. No two people will ever have the same Iboga experience. And no one person will ever have the same journey twice. Iboga shows up to meet whatever current need is most critical, helping us heal ourselves based on where we are at that time in our life.


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