Iboga TA Wholesale



Iboga TA Wholesale

Iboga TA Wholesale

Also known as Iboga Total Alkaloid(TA).  Iboga TA is an extract containing all the alkaloids present in iboga root bark. The alkaloids can be extracted from the root bark relatively easily via an acid/base extraction.

Iboga TA (Total Alkaloid) Extract has already been extracted form the rootbark, making it much easier to consume, as rootbark is ultimately wood and it can put a lot of strain on a persons system when they consume 20-50g of wood, which is why Iboga TA is a popular product for both recreation and therapeutic reasons.

Our Iboga TA Extracts are around 50%-60% pure. The amount of TA extract does not vary, it is 70% ibogaine, 30% other alkaloids and 50-60% pure.

72kg (160lb) * 0.015g = 1.08g of Iboga alkaloids for a recreational dosage. Because Iboga TA Extracts are 50-60% pure, a dosage of ~2g is suitable for a recreational dosage.

Iboga TA Extract – therapeutic dosage

There is no one size fits all dosage. Some people are very sensitive to the medicine and if simply go by body weight you could hurt someone. You need someone experienced close by to start you off small and build you up over a long period of time (6 hours) and see how you react to the medicine and test you to see how strong you are feeling the iboga.

A dose of 1 gram of TA could affect one person as much as another person who took 3 or 4 grams of TA.


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