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Iboga Root Bark Powder

Iboga Root Bark Powder

The root bark of the plant is also used as medicine. Ibogaine is a chemical in iboga.

People take iboga for fever, influenza (the flu), swine flu, high blood pressure, drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, and nerve disorders. They also take it for preventing fatigue and drowsiness, for increasing sex drive, for fighting substance abuse and addictions, and as a general tonic.

Scientific research shows a drastic reduction in withdrawal symptoms after taking Iboga root bark or the extracts which are known as HCL and TA, to the extent that it is almost completely broken. Research shows that 90% of treatments done are successful and even months after the treatment patients do not have the urge to relapse. Apart from breaking addiction it gives the patients clarity and insights into their own lives.

Effects of Iboga Root Bark 

  • Addiction coping
  • More intense dream memory
  • Central stimulating effect
  • Spiritual, mystical feeling
  • Lucid dreams, lucid dreams, out of body experiences
  • Insight into the subconscious
  • Strengthening self-confidence
  • Coping with traumatic experiences and disorders
  • Enliven the imagination
  • Making early childhood memories accessible
  • Descaling the pineal gland
  • Restful sleep
  • Clarity, focus
  • Synchronization of the brain hemispheres
  • Increased vitality of the body


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