Dry Iboga Seeds Wholesale



Dry Iboga Seeds Wholesale

Dry Iboga Seeds Wholesale

Tabernanthe iboga is a shrub which grows in the Congo basin of the central African rain-forest. Also in Gabon, Cameroon and the Democratice Republic of the Congo.

Iboga has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. Iboga is also a sacramental part of the spiritual tradition called Bwiti, used during coming-of-age ceremonies, to help establish the participant’s role within the community as a new adult.

Since pure iboga root bark as used during Bwiti is harsh on the body, at Iboga Extracts Supplier we sell both: Iboga total alkaloid extract (TA) and ibogaine HCL extract, depending on the patient’s individual needs and the purpose of the treatment. Nowadays, both iboga TA and ibogaine HCL are commonly used in most clinics.


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