Buy Voacanga Africana Powder



Buy Voacanga Africana Powder

Buy Voacanga Africana Powder

An evergreen shrub or tree growing from 1 – 11 metres tall and branching from low down. The bole can be 2 – 30cm in diameter.

The tree has a long history of traditional medicinal use in Africa. It also supplies food and a range of commodities. Various parts of the plant are exported to pharmaceutical companies in Europe, America etc as a source of medicinal compounds. The plant is sometimes grown as an ornamental, being valued for its sweet-scented flowers.

At present the Voacanga Africana has industrial (production of latex) as well as medicinal applications. West African shamans used the bark of this tree as a brain stimulant. In addition, the roots were used as a stimulant during long hunts, while the seeds were used with visionary purposes.

The seeds of the Voacanga Africana contain indole alkaloids, including voacangine (carbomethoxy-ibogaine), voacamina and related substances.

Finally, the latex or decoctions or infusions of the stem bark, leaves or roots are put on wounds, boils and sores, and used to treat gonorrhoea, eczema, fungal infections and scabies. They are also taken to treat heart problems, hypertension and rheumatic afflictions. Moreover, the latex is put in teeth to treat caries or dripped in the eye to cure ophthalmia.



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