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Tabernanthe Iboga can grow up to a height of two meters. It may end up growing into a tree (10 m tall) if right conditions prevail. The leaves are of green color. The flowers are either white or pink. The fruits come in orange color with spherical or oval shape.


Tabernanthe Iboga grows well in partially shady region with good soil and drainage system. The roots of the tree require enough space for it to grow. Watering the tree regularly and feeding it with fertilizers during summer time will keep the tree healthy. During winter, the shrub in pot should be shifted to warmer regions. The roots tend to shoot up to the ground and so care should be taken to cover it.

During the dormant months, the leaves tend to shed. The tree is a perennial one, which can grow throughout the year.

The rainforest where Tabernanthe Iboga grows provides humid and moist climate. However, if Tabernanthe Iboga tree is cultivated, it can adapt to dry climate as well. The leaves may shed first (because of dryness) but will grow back. The new leaves now can adjust to very dry climate as long as they are watered correctly. They can grow in less sunlight. Initially they may require 70% sunlight, but later on, as they grow old, they require even less sunlight. This factor makes it ideal to be cultivated in artificial light also and even kept indoors.

Benefits & Uses

Tabernanthe Iboga contains an alkaloid named as Ibogaine, which is beneficial for the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. Tabernanthe Iboga has stimulant for central nervous system and helps to attain good alertness. Therefore, tribal people eat it in small doses for alertness while hunting.


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