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Here you will also get to learn about the effects of Iboga/Ibogaine as well as their dosage.

What is Iboga? (Quality Iboga Wholesale)

A potent psychedelic drug obtained from the root bark of the African plant Tabernanthe iboga. Also hailed as a miracle substance capable of instantly eliminating cravings and withdrawal symptoms for even the most heavily addicted opioid users. 

IBOGAINE: A naturally occurring psychoactive indole alkaloid found in plants in the Apocynaceae family. Which Includes Tabernanthe iboga, Voacanga africana and Tabernaemontana undulata. So, in the the iboga plant (Tabernanthe iboga), the root bark has the highest concentration of ibogaine.

Quality Iboga Wholesale
What is Iboga? (Quality Iboga Wholesale)

Medical Uses of Iboga

  • Detoxification to rid the body of the drug. Best done at home with the assistance of a medical professional or at a treatment center
  • Prescription for medications to help with any detox pain.
  • Evaluation for any mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety that often follow a detox.
  • Also treats diseases such as Alzheimer’s, depression, PTSD and bipolar disorder.

Iboga Dosage: Severe medical supervision is necessary. Used in single doses of 500 to 800 mg in a clinical study. As well as 17 mg/kg in a drug dependency treatment center.

Voacanga Africana Powder

It has industrial (production of latex) and medicinal applications. West Africans used the bark of this tree as a brain stimulant. In addition, the roots were used as a stimulant during long hunts. And the seeds used with visionary purposes.

Yohimbe Powder Wholesale

The bark of yohimbe contains a chemical called yohimbine, used to make medicine. Yohimbe is taken by mouth arouse sexual excitement, for erectile dysfunction (ED), sexual problems caused by medications for depression called selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), and general sexual problems in both men and women. Also used for athletic performance, weight loss, exhaustion, chest pain, high blood pressure, low blood pressure that occurs when standing up, diabetic nerve pain, and for depression along with certain other medications.